In the beginning..

In the beginning, there was no concept of fashion or even who had fashion. 2 beings who lived on the Earth, defined by their biology and physicality, who both used leaves to cover themselves up. Fashion existed in the slightest sense of the word, as Eve placed leaves in different parts of her body than Adam. The leaves represented a cover, and that was all. Nearly 2 millenniums later, the leaves that existed in the time of Adam and Eve transformed into pieces of cloth. Pieces of cloth that are used not just to cover up taboo parts of the body, but to be attractive and to have an identity in a World where competition runs rampant. Something that begin with such simplicity has turned into a complex and confusing cycle of ingenuity and creativity. Adam and Eve first had fashion, maybe not with style, but certainly through identification. Identifying their need for protection and using leaves as a protection was their fashion. The circulation of fashion exists, more importantly, around who has fashion. What makes a person have fashion is decided by society, and how it is depicted by the masses through commercials, advertisements, magazines.

However, fashion in the media is hardly the most important aspect of how people obtain fashion, or even who is fashionable. The media may be one of the most common ways to transport information about who has fashion, but what is most important is what is carried in the media and manipulated by the media. Body image is a large majority of what is seen and discussed today in and around the media. More specifically, society has begun to turn their focus to how being thin is fashionable. Wearing baggy clothes, showing off thin and attractive parts of the body are what appeal to the fashion world in great quantity at the moment. This remains true for the increasing amount of men who wear skinny jeans on a regular basis as opposed to boot-cut or straight leg. Skinny jeans emphasize how small the waist, thigh, or calf is. This is just one example of how fashion is evolving into a focus more on being thin.

One major problem with the focus on becoming thin is that for many this goal is unreachable because of hereditary reasons. This video, put together by “” explains exactly how the images that are seen on television, in advertisements and commercials are largely false.

Here, this video relates to body image and how it is unrealistic to be that thin. The creators of the video clearly display how photoshop images to make them look smaller, or better. The industry would not alter the images if they did not believe the images were good as they were. The problem is that the media seeks perfection in every image they display, and while perfection is unattainable, it is still widely accepted by society as evidenced in the way people go crazy over being thin. People want to be thin, and they will go to any measure to obtain that image. Men and women in society have a natural desire to be thin, but when confronted with images of perfection will diet and/or go to unhealthy measure to reach the goals that ultimately, they may not be able too.

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