The goal of this blog is to argue that one of the newest and most popular trends of fashion is to be thin. Thin men and women have become more and more recognizable in society today and it is important to understand how fashion has begun to mold around that body image. One of the ways that the skinny body has become a trend among the fashion industry is through the shape of clothes. Clothes have been tailored in a straight form to flatter the bodies of thin men and women, as if to lay on the body with no flaws in the straightness of the line. Manufacturers are designing clothes to show off a man or a woman’s shape – by doing this, they promote one body type, and that is thin. In realizing this, society has given control to the media by allowing them to depict the people who have fashion more currently has people who fit the body standards that the fashion industry have called them too. However, it is important to understand that being skinny and being beautiful are not synonymous. By placing emphasis on being healthy and being skinny, society has created unrealistic standards for both men and women. The purpose of this blog then, again, is to study the dynamic relationship between the thin people who have fashion and why it is them who have fashion.

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