March 8th, 2011

How To Read

Hello bloggers. I am going to take this time to tell you exactly how to read through the blog. I am writing right now in what will be referred to as a blog post, but the core of this blog will be written in what is called a page. Pages are listed at the top of the blog, you can see them above the header picture. You should read from left to right, beginning with the page titled, “In The Beginning…”. The “About” page is an informative section that describes the information that this blog contains. I plan to use blog posts to update on a more regular basis, and in an informal tone, to update readers on current matters on the relationship between the thin having fashion and how they have fashion. If you want to read more on what exactly this blog is on, read the “About” section. Each other page will depict a certain aspect of how the thin have managed to maintain this high level of fashion.

Thank you, and enjoy.